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An EDI module, or continuous electrodeionization, is a way of generating ultra-pure water (UPW) for industries like the power, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and food industry. This purified water has a specific purpose depending on the industry. Therefore, Iontech® offers tailor-made solutions for every situation in which purified water is needed. Implementing a CEDI or EDI module is a very effective, sustainable and efficient way to generate high-quality purified water. It is one of the latest methods for water purification, which doesn’t generate any chemical or acid-base emissions.


What is a (C)EDI module?

Because of the lack of chemicals or acid-base emissions during the water purifying process, an EDI module fully meets the energy-saving and environmental protection requirements. As such, the EDI module replaces traditional technologies as for example Mixed Bed Ion Exchangers. A CEDI module is also known as an EDI stack and consists of deionization chambers. This EDI stack contains resin, which is packed between membranes. In a nutshell, the water is blocked by the membranes in the EDI stack and only the ions can pass through. This continuous process makes sure that the systems are capable of purifying water to such a degree that there are virtually no more traces of unwanted elements.

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