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Iontech® offers tailor-made EDI systems for your specific industry, including a complete EDI service. In other words, you always enjoy of 24/7 and 365 days a year technical support. With our service, your EDI system keeps functioning optimally leading to a secure efficiency in your whole (production) processes. Do you need advice or more information about the functions of your EDI module? Then, naturally, we are here to answer all your questions, for example about applying the correct equipment, proper pre-treatment and preventive maintenance for your installation.

EDI service with a focus on specific components

Our service centre offers the possibility to inspect, repair, overhaul or clean existing equipment at any time. When designing a EDI system, we work together with you to analyse your industry and processes to determine the specific purpose of your water purification system. Because of the specific need, this results in a tailor-made installation. Our service also includes replacing EDI modules from other manufacturers by our own modules and system components.

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We make our service complete with fast delivery of our EDI modules. We provide technical support across the world and are very familiar with numerous brands, such as E-Cell, Qua FEDI and Ionpure. Also EDI systems to combine with Double Pass RO systems can be delivered by Iontech®. Call +31 164 852048 and enquire after the possibilities.