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Electrodeionization (EDI) is a state-of-the-art method for water purification. With an electrodeionization module, used as a water purification system, you generate purified water of the highest quality without using chemicals. This in contrast with traditional technologies, as for example, Mixed Bed Ion Exchangers. By means of electricity, resin and ion exchange membranes are integrated in the electrodeionization module, water can be deionised very effectively by the pure water system. Ensuring dissolved ions to be accurately separated from the water itself. Read more about an electrodeionization system down below.


Electrodeionization as a module for the pure water system

Pure water systems can be used for desalinating and removal of organic from water to produce clean water. However, ultra-pure water (UPW) takes it a significant step further. This type of water is used for specific industries, for example the power, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and food industry. Electrodeionization is one of the latest methods used by various industries for the purpose of water purification. As a manufacturer of electrodeionization modules, Iontech® delivers systems which are tailor-made for your specific purposes industry and technology.

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Iontech® supplies complete electrodeionization systems that require little power to function at full capacity. Connectors, DC Power supplies, grounding rods and controllers for EDI can also be supplied. Furthermore, we offer full assistance regarding system installation. If you already have an EDI system installed, such as the IONPURE’s VNX or LX CEDI, we supply products that are fully compatible and/or interchangeable.

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The specialists of Iontech® are happy to assist you and your company with selecting the most suitable pure water system for your industry. When the electrodeionization module is selected, the pure water system will be delivered in a short while. In addition to the advice we can provide you with, you can also contact us whenever you need technical support or repairs. We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Please contact us at +31 164 852048 for more information.