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Iontech is a high-tech enterprise specialised in the development and production of (C)EDI products. Our goal is to produce high quality, efficient and environmental friendly Continuous Electrodeionisation products for a competitive market price. Since 25 years our professional team has been supporting the OEM market with design, commissioning and troubleshooting Electro Deionization (EDI) systems from brands like Ionpure, E-Cell, Qua FEDI, and SnowPure. Our knowledge and experience are used across the world for efficient implementation of EDI technology in water treatment systems to produce Ultra-Pure Water.

Module manufacturing

In 2015 Iontech opened its first manufacturing facility in Asia. The development of a new improved ion-exchange membrane resulted in a better, more reliable EDI module which produces a consistent high quality of Ultra-Pure Water. Now, after our 4-years success story on the Asian market, it‘s time to extend our market potential to the rest of the world.
Under our registered brand name “Iontech®” we produce industrial high quality innovative EDI modules complying with International regulations in an ISO9001 set-up facility.

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