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IONPURE® EDI technology can be used for fast, effective and durable water purification. The collective term for different techniques used to remove unwanted elements, such as ions, gases and biological contaminants, from water. This can be done on a worldwide scale by pure water systems for specific purposes. Because purified water is a necessity in many industries, at various locations around the world, an effective and tailor-made system is of the utmost importance. Our company, Iontech®, specialises in systems that produce Ultra-Pure Water (UPW). We also offer CEDI products to replace (components of) various IONPURE® EDI systems. Read more about IONPURE® below.


How does IONPURE® EDI work?

There are two main modules of IONPURE®: the IONPURE’s VNX and the LX CEDI. Electro-deionization, or EDI, is a state-of-the-art water purifying method, produced by IONPURE®. In short, EDI does not require the use of chemicals for regeneration, unlike traditional technologies as for example Mixed Bed Ion Exchangers. Moreover, EDI is a continuous water purifying process by the name of CEDI or continuous electrodeionization.

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IONPURE’s VNX CEDI modules can be replaced by Iontech® modules used to produce ultra-pure water for your specific industry. This also applies to the IONPURE® LX CEDI, for which the Iontech® modules are a direct replacement. The Iontech modules are specially made for among others: general electronics, labratories, powersystems, food industries and other industrial applications. We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the replacement of IONPURE® LX and VNX CEDI modules.

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Iontech® is a European manufacturer based in The Netherlands. Due to our large international network, we are able to deliver systems and products worldwide. Our specialists have the right knowledge to use suitable components as replacement, rather than replacing the entire system. Our delivery times are short. All our EDI systems manufactured in Europe. Do you have a question about CEDI, or more specifically IONPURE’s VNX or LX CEDI and its components? Or do you require support or maintenance? Please contact us at +31 164 852048. Our devoted professionals are happy to help you.