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Purified water is not just a necessity to keep people healthy, it is also widely used in many different industries. The latest technology named (continuous) electrodeionization ((C)EDI) provides the possibility to clean water effectively and sustainably. While traditional water purification technologies use chemicals to complete the water purifying process, EDI modules uses resin, electricity, and ion-exchange membranes to deionise water. Ultra-pure water (UPW) is generated by precisely separating the impurities from the water. Iontech® specialises in professional EDI modules and supplies its own advanced EDI systems, as well as 24/7 support for the most efficient and reliable water purification that meets your requirements. Continue reading and discover more about EDI cleaning and water purification!


Using EDI to create purified water for your industry

Our EDI systems have been designed to fulfil the requirements of a specific industry which requires ultra-purified water. In water purification, different techniques can be applied in order to remove unwanted elements such as concentrations of ions, different organics and gases from water. One of the benefits you enjoy when using our EDI water cleaning systems is that these systems are capable of purifying water to such a degree that there are virtually no more traces of these harmful or unwanted elements. For this reason, EDI is the most reliable purified water cleaning technology and module for your specific industry.

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When you choose an Iontech® EDI water purification system, you take advantage of our worldwide 24/7 and 365 days a year availability for technical support. Furthermore, repairs and replacements of EDI modules can be arranged quickly. The same applies to the delivery of our systems. This way, you keep enjoying an efficient ultra-purified water system. We are also available to support you in matters of commissioning, system design, troubleshooting and maintenance plans if appreciated. Contact us at +31 164 852048; we are happy to give you the best advice regarding suitable methodes generating purified water for your industry.