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EDI Module manufacturer

The Iontech EDI module is designed for modular system design without flow restrictions. For industrial applications, IONTECH’s EDI module can easily produce ultrapure water of consistently good quality, and will not be interrupted by regeneration. It is widely used in the power, electronics, food and beverage industry and laboratories.

Iontech modules are produced in an ISO 9001 set-up production facilities under strict quality control. All raw materials are inspected by a specifically trained person and double-checked during the production process. 

Iontech features:

  • Patented new ion-exchange membrane, resulting in:
    • Improved Ion-Exchange capacity
    • Improved mechanical strength
    • Lowest electrical resistance on the market
    • High energy efficiency
    • High quality industrial finish
    • Solid Industrial product and concentrate connections

    Highest exchange capacity EDI module / Best product quality

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Ion-exchange membrane

Iontech is one of the few EDI manufacturers that has developed their own membrane specifically designed for Electrodeionization. The membranes produced in our factory under strict high quality standards are guaranteed of an excellent quality. With our newly developed and patented Ion exchange membrane we have been able to produce the best performing EDI module on the market. Besides the excellent performance, the mechanical strength of the membrane is significantly higher, compared to other brands, which make our membrane the strongest.

Our team of specialists is ready to assist you with any questions regarding EDI technology and (ultra) pure water as you might have. Please feel free to contact us at any time!