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Unique EDI module

Iontech modules design

Although the general working principle is the same for all EDI modules/stacks there are differences.


Iontech is one of the few EDI manufacturers in the world that produce their own Ion-Exchange membrane specifically designed for Electro Deionisation. We are proud of our newly developed and patented membrane which is significantly better than other membrane brands on the market.

  • Highest Ion-Exchange capacity
  • Highest mechanical strength
  • Lowest electrical resistance
  • Best energy efficiency
  • Best chemical resistant


In principle, the working of EDI modules/stacks is basically based on the same Ion-Exchange technology. So the question is what makes the Iontech module better performing?

A combination of the following facts will explain:

  • Use of the latest and securely selected mixed cation and anion resins with excellent mass transfer and deionizing characteristics for optimal process operation.
  • High ion exchange capacity of the Iontech Ion-conductive membranes.
  • Minimized possible back diffusion of carbon dioxide from concentrate to dilute.
  • Low overall electrical module resistance.
  • High mechanical strength membrane which ensures a consistent quality over a long lifespan.

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High-quality industrial finish

Your first impression is important, we are sure that the industrial high-end design of our EDI module will directly give you a great feeling. And if you go further and look to details like surface finish, electrical connector or hydraulic connections you will acknowledge the design of a high-end product.

Our team of specialists is ready to assist you with any questions regarding EDI technology and (ultra) pure water as you might have. Please feel free to contact us at any time!